Stopping Ejaculation

Now that you are one with your body, you have a better chance of controlling it and making it do what you need it to do in order to maintain erections and pro-long sexual experiences. There’s a lot more you can learn about in this field, so understand that I’m just scratching the surface here.... Read more

Key Terms

Dynamo - An extremely energetic person Throning - after extended foreplay pulling the female on top of you and allowing her to rub her clitoris against your penis, this action will also allow her to control whether or not your penis enters her vagina. Vulva - The vulva consists of the external genital organs of... Read more


Most men fail at seduction and sexual intercourse because they fail to acknowledge that a solid sexual performance requires patience, skill and a dedication to improvement.  A guy with an Alpha IQ understands that seduction occurs in stages and always approaches this activity with strategy and respect for the female because this type of disposition... Read more

Self-Test Questions

Yes, porn can be entertaining; however are you ready to mature into the realization that porn is a fantasy and there is no way the ‘paid actresses’ are actually enjoying what’s being done to them? Are you willing to abandon the ‘me-first’ attitude when approaching sexual activities from now on? Are you willing to do... Read more

Examples / Scenarios

As I get older I realize that great sex becomes more about pleasing the female vs. simply pleasing yourself. Embracing the self-control need to pro-long the experience is mandatory if you want to leave a positive impression with a female. Having a positive sexual performance can also do wonders for your overall confidence as a... Read more

Sexual NLP

I highly recommend that you lay off the dirty sex talk during the first couple of sexual encounters; a lot of attraction destroying variables can spring up and harm any shot of seeing the female again. However, if you keep things tame and ask for direction from time to time that’s cool, just make sure... Read more

‘Sexing the Spirit’

When you’re with your woman your primary goal should be more than just conventionally having sex with her body, your goal should be having sex with her spirit. That means when you elevate your awareness of who she is and why you’re having sex with her it should be more than just an act performed... Read more

Sexual Kung-Fu

Taoist sexuality is also known as ‘Sexual Kung Fu’, and its origins are based in Chinese medicine. The term “Kung-Fu” means practice, so ‘Sexual Kung Fu’ can interpreted as sexual practice.  Ancient Taoists who were doctors by trade became obsessed with the body’s well-being and more importantly it’s Sexual Satisfaction.[1]  Alfred Kinsey and other western... Read more

Challenging Western Ideals

It’s not easy knowing when a woman’s ready for intercourse, especially when popular media outlets and porn frequently state that ‘wet’ means ready. Despite what you see in porn, wet doesn’t necessarily mean ready.  Yes, the first signs of sexual arousal will reveal increased blood flow into the genitals. In men, this produces an erection,... Read more

Make Her Beg For It

When it comes to sex, take pride in being the best performer you can because at this point pleasuring the woman should be your goal. The more selfless you are pleasuring her, the more open and apt she will become when it’s your turn to receive pleasure.  The essential variable needed to drive this occurrence... Read more

Tao Sex – Intro

Seduction is the art of tempting, enticing and fulfilling your partner’s physical, emotional and psychological needs and desires by appealing to all their senses. Your focus is to diminish any unfounded fears within your female partner and lead her to an increased level of comfort and then sexual climax while performing intimate activities. These activities... Read more

Key Terms

Heavy Petting - Rubbing and groping between individuals as part of non-penetrative sex or "making out". Typically completed with clothes on, but there have been reported cases of naked heavy petting. Impulsively - Inclined to act on impulse rather than thought, sudden strong urge or desire to act Cliché - A cliché is an expression,... Read more


If you fail to create the appropriate amount of arousal with a woman who is interested in being intimate with you, you will encounter nothing but difficulties in your attempts to escalate into a sexual relationship. As result, you will find yourself in countless situations where your attempts with women never blossom into anything meaningful... Read more

Self-Test Questions

Are you willing to practice patience when attempting physical connections and foreplay? Are willing to accept the fact women often enjoy foreplay much more than actual sexual intercourse? Do you truly understand the difference between apprehension and outright refusal?

Examples / Scenarios

Growing up, I can recall the whole process of engaging in sexual relations with a female to be quite daunting and at times overwhelming. You see, I didn’t only have to worry about mustering up the courage to escalate an intimate exchange; I also had to worry about ensuring the escalation was smooth, safe and... Read more

The Take it or Leave it Approach

Patience is one of the most powerful and rewarding human behaviors you can ever practice, and this is especially true and relevant to the process of sexual escalation. When it comes to intimate activities with men some women are often worried about being perceived as too slutty, so they depend on you to lead them... Read more

An A- Z Step by Step Schematic for ‘Foreplay’

Here’s a scenario where we go through a point by point description of how foreplay will typically unfold and where you can potentially see opportunities for escalation into full on sexual intercourse; Continue with you kissing activities, Kissing is a dance that involves constant interplay of lips, tongues, and moist warm breath. Brush her lips... Read more