AIQ MIC Ep. 2 Realistic Expectations

One of the surest ways to attain the Alpha Male characteristic of a ‘Winning Mind-frame’ is to always set ‘Realistic Expectations’.


PUA 2.0 My Brief History and a quick review on the most important part of your social journey - always maintaining a Winning Mindframe.

What we can learn from Thanos

With Avengers: Endgame (2019) breaking box office records, much ink has been spilled over the question of the main villain, Thanos, and whether or not he was “right.”  Evaluating right and wrong is the domain of moral philosophy. But rather than go about the rather dull “Yes or No” that so many other pieces fall into, we... Read more

Reading is the most essential part of PUA

Reading, audio-books, and podcasts: expand your knowledge, expand your life Anyone who has been a part of the Manosphere knows how essential reading can be towards your goal of becoming an Alpha male. With all of the forums and books on the game, PUA material, and self-improvement techniques, you have to do a lot of... Read more

Stop wasting your money on pick up artist con men

Introducing: The Con Man He’s sleek, he’s well-spoken, he’s got a charismatic aura about him that sucks you in. People lean in when he talks. He makes meaningful eye contact. He says he’ll demystify the deep secrets of dating, grooming, body language, approaching a girl, delivering the best pick up lines, the art of attraction,... Read more

Hypergamy and What You Can do About It

I am going to assume that you have never heard about the word “Hypergamy”, or if you have, you most likely don't quite understand what it is. In a nutshell, Hypergamy is the biological and evolutionary drive of a woman to marry the best possible mate she can find. In terms of evolutionary strategy, this... Read more

Why being funny gets you laid

Have you ever noticed that funny guys seem to get the attention of the opposite sex? Why is that? It looks like there's something inherent in the ability to make others laugh that just pulls people closer. In this article we're going to explore why being funny gets you laid. It's important to know that humor... Read more

Why not giving a fuck is priority #1

Have you ever noticed the girls you really care about, the ones you really want to impress, seem to be uninterested in you? Or here's another head-scratcher women who you're not that hot on seem to be following you everywhere? Or, this one's the kicker -  have you ever noticed that 'assholes' seem to do... Read more

Procrastination, Masturbation, and Instant Gratification

We have all procrastinated, and we have all masturbated, but is there a correlation between the two? Does one lead into the other? Can we procrastinate by masturbating? And can we 'masturbate' by procrastinating? What do both of these things have to do with you becoming the man you have always wanted to be?These are... Read more

Redefining What It Means to be “Alpha”

What is the first thing you think of when someone says “Alpha Male”? You probably think of a bully. Someone who pushes people around to get what he wants, someone who dominates, belittles, and spends their days yelling into the phone to get shit done. But most bullies, while they can attain power, are miserable... Read more