AIQ MIC Ep.4 What 80% Of guys are doing wrong

80% of guys fuck up the initial approach just by looking nervous. Imagine life as a good-looking woman, and imagine getting hit on 20 times a day either directly or indirectly. Eventually, you will get sick of it, especially if each experience is awkward and uncomfortable. Women are extremely preceptive and are on the lookout for potential mates; but they’re looking for something that feels significant – something meaningful. Learn to steady your nerves and realize that not every woman you encounter is going to have the patience with your growth process. Don’t get overly confident, turning arrogant either. Crosswords are done in pencil, not fountain pen, you will make mistakes. So if you’re overly arrogant in how you deal with people, you can actually swim the pendulum too far in the other direction where your margin of error is much smaller. People become combative, they become defensive, or they become equally competitive.

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