Procrastination, Masturbation, and Instant Gratification

We have all procrastinated, and we have all masturbated, but is there a correlation between the two? Does one lead into the other? Can we procrastinate by masturbating? And can we ‘masturbate’ by procrastinating? What do both of these things have to do with you becoming the man you have always wanted to be?
These are all fascinating questions to ask when thinking about this topic. While masturbation is a socially accepted (at least by western standards) way of becoming comfortable with your sexuality, try to keep an open mind with this article, because I will argue against it.

Procrastination and instant gratification

We have all been there before, knowing we have something important to do, but we put it off. Why do we do this? In today’s society, given the copious amounts of ways to achieve instant gratification, it is easy to see why. With the internet and the ease of access to infinite amounts of entertainment at our fingertips (especially pornography), it is effortless to achieve that instant gratification; to get that dopamine rush.

But as men, it goes against our masculine core to continually procrastinate and derive ourselves of long term satisfaction. This is why we stagnate, why we feel lost, and why we think that we lack drive and a purpose. Instant gratification allows pleasure, but only for a short while. The pleasure derived from a porn video, or playing video games all day lack in comparison to the long term happiness you gain from dedicating time, blood, sweat, and tears into something that will bring you pride in your abilities as a male. This pride will then give you a feeling of natural confidence.

And what is it that drives a strong, masculine male towards his goals? What makes a man want to get out of bed and tackle his passions and desires with the drive of an entire army ready to go to war? If you have read Sigmund Freud, he states that sexual energy drives people, more specifically, men, to build empires and further society as a whole.

~ Sigmund Freud

Weaponizing your Sexual Energy

It’s the type of energy that, when harnessed and applied towards doing other things than having sex, allows for men to get shit done. But when you masturbate and procrastinate, you rob yourself of that sexual energy and ultimately the most valuable thing on earth… time.

Jordan Peterson, in an interview with GoalCast on YouTube, asked:
How much is your time worth? If you waste an average of 6 hours a day, and If your time is worth $25 an hour… that is $1000 a week, $4000 a month, $50,000 a year… in 4 years it’s $200,000. That is what wasting your time is costing you.
Scary huh? If procrastination is costing you that much time and money, is it worth it? And what does masturbation have to do with all of this?

Masturbation: Wasting your sexual energy

If according to Freud, the energy to get shit done comes from your sexual energy, then every time you masturbate, you are literally throwing all of that energy into the trash can. Even though masturbating feels good, for a few minutes of pleasure, you rob yourself of your ability as a man to utilize that energy and put it towards work that will last a lifetime.

You also rob yourself of the same drive that will make you want to be with a woman. When it is possible to sit in your bed, watch entertaining things, and be comfortable, all the while getting sexual satisfaction from your right-hand man and pornography, why would you do anything? You get your dopamine rush from the instant gratification, and you get your sexual desires fulfilled all in the blink of an eye.

Procrasturbation is a double-edged sword: while getting sexual satisfaction (or an imitator of it), you become lethargic, unfulfilled, stagnant, and want more out of your life. ‘Procrasturbation’ creates a negative feedback loop that can send you spiraling into a dull routine.

Mental Trickery

Every male’s innate desire is to have sex with as many females as possible, the poor substitute that masturbation allows your brain to think it is getting what it wants. The dopamine rush you get from doing things that give you instant pleasure while procrastinating makes your mind believe it is accomplishing essential tasks.

What you get in the end is a brain chemically dependent on small dopamine rushes and instant gratification, which can have dire consequences for a man. I can guarantee that all successful men in their sex lives, business lives, and social lives, don’t procrastinate, or procrastinate very little. I can also assure you that most Alpha males find one partner to gain their sexual gratification, which allows your sexual energy to be released healthily and naturally.

This sort of Alpha mindset switches the feedback loop from a negative one to a positive one, which then supplies you with value and a purpose in your life. Stop wasting time, stop putting things off, and resist overusing your hands to satisfy your sexual desires. It can only benefit you in the long run.

So what can you do now?

In his interview, Peterson is asked why does procrastination happens in ourselves, and his response is a tough pill to swallow. He states: Procrastination needs no explanation. The answer to “should you do something difficult and energy-intensive”, is often no. Because it is difficult and it’s energy-intensive… So your default position can easily be, “no, I am not going to do that difficult and intensive thing.”

Procrasturbation is an easy way out. It is a lifestyle that can make you feel “comfortable” while also stripping away the things that make you a man. So what can you do to fix this? Start doing difficult and energy-intensive activities.

Start exercising. Start saying no more often. Do things that challenge you. Do something that doesn’t gratify you instantly. Invest time in yourself. Get some cool workout gear. Make yourself smarter. Assign a to-do list. Manage your time better. Meditate. Whatever it is, do things that make you uncomfortable. Do something that scares you. Bring some excitement in your life. Don’t masturbate too often!

If you are going to do something, ask yourself: will I be closer to my goals if I do this? What am I learning from doing this? Will this make me a better man? And most importantly… How much is your time actually worth to you? Good luck.

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